Why You Should Consider Using Chinese Herbal Medicine To Help Conceive Naturally.

Why You Should Consider Using Chinese Herbal Medicine To Help Conceive Naturally.

Looking for evidence before trying Chinese Herbal Medicine to help with fertility issues?

Researchers state that couples with fertility problems are twice as likely to achieve a pregnancy using traditional Chinese medicine compared to western drugs.

TCM practitioners like myself examine the menstrual cycle in depth and recognise many dysfunctions that Western Medicine may not deem important. Besides being inexpensive, it is a modality that can be used very successfully alongside Western medical treatments too. In actual fact, it has also been proven in research that taking Chinese herbs for at least three months can  increase the chances of conception, in couples attempting subsequent IVF cycles who have been unsuccessful in previous IVF cycle attempts as well.

They  help with all aspects of the gynae system.   They will also have a positive effect on the emotional and physical wellbeing of the woman whilst addressing problems that may seem unconnected too.

Why choose Chinese Herbal Medicine as part of your preconception care ?

Regulates menstruation and promotes an efficient bleed,

Reduces stress levels,

Preconception and fertility health, by increasing the efficiency of the HPA Axis. This ensures efficient  production of hormones such as estrogen, FSH, and progesterone.

Promotes a biphasic cycle.

Enhances egg development,

Promotes ovulation,

Helps to facilitate the passage of the fertilised egg into the uterus,

Promote embryo implantation,

Prevent miscarriage,(especially if there is a history of miscarriage),

Inexpensive in comparison to Western Medical procedures.


Here is a meta analysis study stating all I have

“Chinese herbal medicine can improve pregnancy rates 2-fold within a 3-6 month period compared with Western medical fertility drug therapy. In addition, fertility indicators such as ovulation rates, cervical mucus score, biphasic basal body temperature, and appropriate thickness of the endometrial lining were positively influenced by CHM therapy”



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