Men’s Fertility

Male factor infertility is defined as the inability to fertilize the ovum while male sterility is defined as the lack of sperm production. It is estimated today, that approximately half of all infertility cases are now  attributed to  male fertility factors. While sperm abnormalities are the main cause, it is also widely accepted that sperm count is getting lower over recent years, with lifestyle, stress and age being cited as contributory reasons. Research has proven that the quality of a man’s sperm and it’s DNA integrity has been associated with not just fertilization rates, but it is also clearly linked with factors such as the development of the embryo, miscarriage prevention and the health of the baby. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine alongside dietary advice and supplements can help men with the many issues that they face from low sperm count, morphology or motility, low testosterone levels, vasectomy reversal, autoimmune conditions and unexplained infertility issues. It does this by improving the blood flow pelvic cavity and balancing the hormones which improves all sperm parameters including virility. It also helps to reduce the stress markers in the body that upset the hormone and immune systems too.

We are finding that treating only the woman is not good enough anymore and we are having higher success rates when treating both partners, especially when there is a unexplained infertility issue or the dominant issue is a male infertility diagnosis.

We help with;

  • Low Sperm Count
  • Morphology or Motility issues
  • Low Testosterone Levels
  • Vasectomy Reversal Issues
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Unexplained Infertility Issues


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