Fertility and Pregnancy


Fertility is a natural healthy state and planning a family a natural progression for those of us who choose to do so.


So how can we help you?

Acupuncture and TCM can assist you in the following areas by


Preparing your body for pregnancy – How?

  • Regulate the natural (menstrual) cycle
  • Reducing / eliminating PMS, tiredness, bloating, pain & more
  • Improve the function of the ovaries to produce better quality eggs
  • Regulate the hormones to produce a larger number of follicles
  • Increase thickness of uterine lining
  • Relax and decrease stress
  • Prevent uterine contraction
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve semen to create better quantity and quality of embryos (natural & IVF)
  • Reduce chance of miscarriage


Fertility Issues

Planning a family can sometimes prove difficult. However TODAY’S knowledge, education, technology and facilities can be utilized in a natural harmonious way either without IVF (in Vitro fertilization) or with it. We believe you can optimize your health naturally with Acupuncture and TCM to achieve a natural pregnancy. Should IVF be your only option, the chances of success are greatly improved and more importantly Proven assistance.

Common Female treatable problems

  • Cycles – Irregular cycles, Painful cycles, Heavy bleeding / Spotting, PMS, Autoimmunity and much more
  • Ovulation – No ovulation, Ovarian cysts, Polycystic ovaries
  • Endometrium – Endometriosis or Thin Endometrium
  • Hormonal imbalances – Low estradiol, Low progesterone, High FSH, Menopause
  • Fallopian Tube blockages via infection or following surgery
  • Infections – Cervical infection, Vaginal infection, Pelvic infection
  • Stress – Relaxation of the body to help conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Miscarriages – assist in preventing miscarriages
Common Male Treatable problems

  • Sperm – Low count, Low quality of sperm, Abnormal motility, Abnormal morphology
  • Semen – Poor quality semen, Low semen volume
  • Sexual issues – Impotence, Difficulty ejaculating, Low testosterone, Autoimmunity
  • Stress – Relaxation of the body
  • Treatment plans are individualised according to diagnosis and the response to treatment.
  • We recommend attendance to your GP, Gynecologist or Fertility care specialist be maintained while receiving Acupuncture & TCM.