How Suzanne Cafferky and Chinese Medicine can help you

1. Tailor to fit unique set of signs and symptoms;

2. As health develops – treatment will change resulting in healthy balance in body, mind and spirit;

3. Aim of clinic is to treat in a private compassionate and healing manner with the patient;

Acupuncture – the ancient part of traditional Chinese medicine system which began over 2.5 thousand years ago; 300 year old Chinese theory of qi. Based on the ancient art of acupuncture, the qi or energy flows though channels or meridian pathways which harmonises and rectifies the qi and by doing so restores the body physically, mentally and emotionally.

A saying: ‘Where there is pain there is no free flow, where there is free flow there is no pain’.


This facility  is allowing you to see what times are available at the moment. To book an appointment you can call the booking number that will leave a message with me and I will confirm the time , move it or call you back. Alternatively you can call me on 0877937771, text me leaving me your name as well or email me at

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