Acupuncture & Botanical Medicine Helped Us To Conceive/A Testimonial

Acupuncture & Botanical Medicine Helped Us To Conceive/A Testimonial

January 14, 2015

I first started attending Suzanne after been diagnosed with a raised hormone level which was affecting me conceiving. This was causing irregular periods and therefore virtually no ovulation for a number of months. We had been trying to conceive for some time and I was starting to feel anxious and also felt constantly worried that it was never going to happen. Suzanne’s calming approach was such a welcome relief and her reassurance and knowledge made me feel instantly better. I began to attend Suzanne on a regular basis to help balance my hormone levels and also to help me ovulate. In a short space of time, my hormone levels were within normal range and I was also ovulating every month.

To our delight a short number of months later we fell pregnant yay!! I continued to attend Suzanne during my pregnancy as I honestly felt it benefited me in so many ways. We are now due our bundle of joy in a matter of weeks J I honestly feel that Suzanne’s acupuncture sessions and caring approach got me to where I am today.

I am so grateful for all she has done and for listening and reassuring me at a time I was so down. I will definitely continue to attend Suzanne after bub is born. I owe so much to her.


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